Getting your sleep back on track!


 Sleep Hygiene

Do you have troubles falling asleep every night? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep? Do you wake up to early or want to sleep throughout the day?

When your sleep is off, it may be a first sign that things are not alright? It’s like your body’s alarm system telling you something is off. Below are some important ways get your sleep back on track. Keep at it for about 2 weeks.

o   Create bedtime rituals to cue the body and mind to wind down.

§  shower/ take a bath

§  brush your teeth

§  drink hot non-caffeinated tea

§  listen to relaxing music

§  read a book 

o  Reserve the bedroom, particularly the bed, for sleep only. Therefore, avoid reading, watching t.v., playing movies, completing homework, and other activities.

o   Keep electronics out of the bedroom.

o   Go to sleep the same time each night, especially for the first few weeks.

o   Wake up the same time every morning, no matter how tired you are…this can be quite hard!

o   If struggling to sleep within the first 15-20 minutes of lying down, get up out of bed and do something non-stimulating (e.g., reading a book, avoiding surfing on electronic devices, play mindfulness app, do some homework/work, etc.).

o   Return to bed as soon as sleepiness returns.

o   Create a relaxing and smoothing environment in the bedroom. For instance, place black out curtains in the room, play a noise maker, use eye mask or ear plugs, etc.,



Arianna Boddy