32 healthy coping skills to replace bad habits

Healthy coping skills can be difficult to come up with in the moment. Often times, if we’re stressed out we may not be able to think clearly. In our blog last week, we discussed the importance of replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones. But it’s not always so simple when we’re in the heat of the moment of our urges. So here is a list of 32 healthy coping skills to help you get started:

1.      Reading

2.      Journaling

3.      Coloring

4.      Playing Music

5.      Listening to Music

6.      Singing

7.      Walking

8.      Exercising

9.      Running

10.   Meditate

11.   Yoga

12.   Hiking

13.   Rock-Climbing

14.   Write Poetry

15.   Learn a new language

16.   Learn a new instrument

17.   Praying

18.   Cooking

19.   Baking

20.   Call a Friend

21.   Join a Support Group

22.   Mountain Biking

23.   Crocheting

24.   Knitting

25.   Decorating

26.   Organizing

27.   Volunteer in your local community

28.   Painting

29.   Hanging out with friends

30.   Have a game night

31.   Wood working

32.   Gardening

In our next blog, we’ll discuss the reality of setting goals and accomplishing them. In the meantime, what other healthy coping skills can you think of? Are there ones you’re curious about trying? Be sure to focus on what habit best fits you.

Stay focused and have fun exploring your new HEALTHY habits!

Arianna Boddy