How can I make HEALTHY choices when STRESSED out?

Do you find yourself drinking too much? Or over-eating? How about cutting? What about lashing out at others? Spending money you don’t have?

Can you relate? If so, let’s BREAK THE HABIT.

Way too often when we’re stressed, we turn to ways that makes us feel better. Instantly. While drinking, over-eating, cutting, lashing out at others, or spending money you don’t have may relieve stress, these habits often leave us feeling worse about ourselves or further complicate things.

 While breaking habits can be hard, here are some tips that you may find helpful. Remember, the goal is not only to create enough time and space between your urge (over-eat, drink, etc.), but to replace them with healthY choices.

 1. Make a list and title it “My Healthy Choices”.

2. Write down healthy choices that YOU are most likely to do.

Ex: Exercising, Meditation, Yoga, Listening to Music, Calling a Friend, Reading a Book, Getting Outdoors, Writing Poetry, Coloring a Book, Hanging Out with Friends, Learning Something New, etc.

3. When feeling the urge to engage in your unhealthy habits, try to create time or distance (physical, emotional) from the first craving or urge and replace it with your new healthy choice.

4. If you feel like your new healthy choice isn’t working, try another one you wrote down.

5. Explore what seems most effective to you and be mindful that the new healthy choice may change depending on the day and what is available to you.

6. Be proud of the progress you make by choosing to replace your unhealthy habit with something new and healthy.

Each time you choose to replace your unhealthy habit with a healthy one, you make progress! Being realistic about your progress and accomplishments will be discussed in detail in another blog.

Stay tuned!

Arianna Boddy