Pricing Policies

Therapy Pricing


Knoxville Behavioral and Mental Health Services accepts either most people with Blue Cross Blue Shield or self-pay. An invoice is created and payments are submitted prior to rendering services. All forms of payment are clearly discussed prior to the onset of therapeutic services. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, or cash. A 24-hour cancellation policy will be discussed upon the first visit. 

Advantages of Self-Pay

There are many advantages of self-pay. You have complete control over your protected health information. Self-pay does not rely upon a mental health diagnosis to justify services or determine the length of services. In other words, you get to determine the frequency and length of treatment. 

Through self-pay, you do not have therapy/testing records in the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) as there are many disadvantages of these records. In order to obtain life, health, disability, or long-term insurance, the MIB records are used to determine eligibility and cost for these insurance policies. Your mental health diagnosis will become a part of your permanent MIB records, regardless if diagnosis or symptoms change.

All private health information remains confidential, except when the provider must breech confidentiality. Breeches in confidentiality include: concern for suicidality and/or homocidality, child and/or elder abuse, and court order. Other than these aforementioned breeches, all information remains confidential unless you sign a release of information.

Given today's health care system, many practitioners are frequently challenged with providing brief symptom-reduction therapies rather than tailoring high quality treatments in order to meet individual needs. Every practitioner at Knoxville Behavioral and Mental Health Services recognizes this challenge and is committed to providing the highest quality care through empirically-validated treatment options.