About our team


Dr. Arianna BOddy

From a small town in Georgia, I traveled to south Florida where I graduated with my doctorate in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University. I gained valuable training and experience working with children and adolescents conducting comprehensive evaluations as well as therapy. While trained in residential and community mental health settings, I have unique and in depth experience working in, consulting with, and/or collaborating with school systems in Florida, Massachusetts, and Tennessee.

I am dedicated to helping individuals and families better understand a child’s behavior, which often empowers parents, can provide relief to children, and may establish some treatment directions. Having worked in residential facilities, community mental health centers, and school systems, I am in a favorable position to bridge the gap between the mental health world and the school system. The goal is to apply this information to your child’s unique and individual needs at home, school, and in the community.

During my free time, I replenish my soul by being outdoors, spending time with my family, and crafting. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. I believe there are many forms of therapy and exercise is definitely one of them. As a family, we take full advantage of the east Tennessee lakes (e.g., boating, kayaking, etc.) and embrace UT football. We love to tailgate and go to all the games we can. At home, I also love making homemade soaps, bath bombs, and candles. As you can see, self-care is an important aspect of my personal time.


Dr. Ryan Boddy

I completed my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Nova Southeastern University, specializing in psychological and neuropsychological assessment. There, I was afforded many training opportunities to work with various presenting problems, such as, concussion, personality, psychological disorders, traumatic brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. Neuropsychological and psychological assessment empowers the you, by providing a clearer picture of functioning, and a way forward, through the use of effective treatment recommendations.

As a clinician, I greatly enjoy working with older adults and their families that may be observing cognitive changes with age. My role is to help patient’s and families distinguish the differences between normal age-related changes, and possible neuropsychological problems that can be addressed in a range of ways. I also really enjoy working with athletes and physically active adults, who may have suffered concussion or head injury. My collaborative approach means I consult with other medical professionals involved, such as neurologists, primary care physicians, and nurse practitioners, as the integration and coordination of care often leads to the best outcomes. I sympathize with individuals who are not satisfied with the lack of answers they’ve been given by the medical system, or may be seeking a more reliable psychological diagnosis that can be understood and treated.

I tend to recharge by playing music, spending time in nature, and working in my wood shop. Musically, I have a unique and different musical ability, in that, I play both drums and piano by ear since I am not classically trained. My new and growing interest is indoor and outdoor rock climbing as well as mountain biking. I find that both of these sports require a type of mindfulness that can be really beneficial in promoting improved mental health, and can be a wonderful outlet. I enjoy building furniture pieces, and smaller items like cutting boards or wall art, that make fun gifts for family and friends.