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A private practice offering therapy, assessments, and tutoring.


Offering therapy, psychological assessments, and tutoring in the greater East Tennessee area

Knoxville Behavioral & Mental Health Services is a private mental health practice offering therapy for all ages and comprehensive psychological, psycho-educational, as well as neuro-psychological assessments. Making the first step to connect can be daunting. Many people have mixed emotions and are not sure if therapy or an assessment is right for them. We hope to reduce this barrier, by providing a free 15-minute email or phone consultation to answer questions you may have and to help determine if we are a good fit. Complete the form below or call us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Does your child dread going to school? Maybe your child seems to come up with any excuse to leave the classroom, such as, having behavior problems or asking to see the nurse for tummy or head pain. Homework is like pulling teeth! Perhaps you know your child has a learning disability and have tried tutoring services before.

Looking for highly trained tutors to help your child who is struggling in reading, writing, or math? We offer tutoring services in the areas of reading, writing, and math by licensed and trained special educational teachers. Our tutors deliver research-based instruction, such as the Wilson Reading System. Call or complete the form below to request more information.




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