Finding Hope

Does your child dread going to school? Maybe your child seems to come up with any excuse to leave the classroom, such as, having behavior problems or asking to see the nurse for tummy or head pain. Homework is like pulling teeth! Perhaps you know your child has a learning disability and have tried tutoring services before. We can help provide insight and help for you and your child!    

As a parent, you may experience intense frustration, periods of hopelessness, and sadness or desperation due to feeling unsure how to help your child. You may find yourself wondering if your child needs therapy. One day you may think everything is okay, but then the next day you are certain your child needs professional help. Sometimes you may wonder if you could benefit from therapy yourself to learn ways to help your child or parent in a different way. The reality of parenting seldom looks like we imagine it should. 

Parents who participate in therapy may learn alternative ways to communicate and connect with their child, change their own emotional reactions, and support their child through difficult periods. They may seek to learn how to enjoy the experience of parenting again or make the most of the time they spend with their child. 

We are here to help you and your child navigate this crazy time. While it is helpful to intervene early, it's never too late to make a call. We provide warm yet, straight forward, flexible, and collaborative, care. We encourage collaborative involvement between parent and child, though the amount of parental involvement may vary with the child's age. With teens, it is up to you and your child how much parent involvement is wanted or needed. Many teens value a feeling of independence and privacy and may not participate in therapy without assurance of confidentiality of their information. Any information that indicates a risk of harm to the teen or someone else, however, signals an immediate need for communication to keep everyone safe. With young children, we strongly encourage caregivers to take an active role in treatment. Should you or your child need immediate services there are a list of resources can be found on the blog page. We look forward to connecting with you and your child!