Finding Hope (for Teens)

After many failed attempts to fix or change your situation, you may have turned to unhealthy relationships, protected other siblings, cut, pushed others away, shut down, lashed out at moments, and/or relied on passive aggressive ways to retaliate. Underneath, you yearn to have others see you, hear you, and know your pain. On your therapeutic  journey, you may discover clarity and direction after having felt either intense emotions, confused, or numb for a while. Although you may not be able to change your family dynamics or circumstance(s), you might notice that you feel less angry, sad, and/or annoyed. Sometimes those pesky strong emotions may not go away, but no longer have as much control over you. While therapy is often hard work, many find relief by feeling heard, having support, digging deeper, discovering other ways to manage those painful emotions, and finding ways to problem-solve.