Service Costs

Additional Information

An evaluation usually ranges from $600 -$2,250 depending on the type of evaluation and the referral questions. The cost of an evaluation is determined by the number of hours required to complete it. The hourly rate is $150 per hour, which may include the following:

  • gathering background information
  • reviewing records
  • observing
  • administering assessments
  • scoring assessments
  • interpreting
  • researching interventions and therapies
  • writing a thorough report with recommendations
  • consulting
  • discussing results

All estimated costs are discussed up front for transparency. Payment plans are negotiated prior to the evaluation. Payment is due at the time services are provided and a partial deposit is due on the first day of assessment. Payment may be made my cash, debit, or credit cards and we offer payment plans and sliding scale fees to make services more accessible for clients. 

Insurance typically covers evaluations when deemed medically necessary. One notable exception is evaluation for a specific learning disability, which is usually not covered. Knoxville Behavioral and Mental Health Services will submit claims on your behalf with insurance and will seek prior authorization for evaluations when appropriate. Clinicians will not add, delete, or modify any content on an invoice in order to qualify or assist in insurance reimbursement. Please keep in mind, insurance companies may decline to cover the cost of an evaluation, in which case you are responsible for the cost of the evaluation. 

See the table below, which provides an estimated time to administer a test. This is not an exhaustive list of the assessments used and is provided to give a general idea of the time involved in administering assessments. Please keep in mind the table also does not depict the time it takes to score, interpret, and write the results. 

Estimated Assessment Times