What happens after testing?

Once  all testing has been completed, the clinician must score, interpret the findings, and write a comprehensive report. Depending on the case, the clinician may need to consult with other providers or agencies, gather records, conduct observations, etc. This process can take approximately 2  weeks to a month. After the report is finished, the clinician will schedule a session to review the finalized report, discuss  recommendations, and address questions or concerns you may have. This  session typically takes 45 to 90 minutes. 

After the evaluation, the client has complete control of the report. The clinician may consult with school personnel, other professionals, and/or legal proceedings regarding the evaluation or recommendations upon request. Sharing information may involve a phone consultation and/or in-person meeting. Please keep in mind, the clinician's bill at the standard therapy rate of $150 an hour, regardless if meetings or legal proceedings (e.g., court appearances) are delayed, cancelled, and/or  rescheduled. This fee includes reviewing records outside of the standard evaluation process.